1. Salted Earth and Fault Lines

    As we turn toward California’s South Coastal Range, we cross the Carrizo Plain and the plain stunningly presents the abstract etching of Soda Lake.

  2. Cloud Source

    As if the source of the weather itself, smokes rises and spreads into the atmosphere from individual fires burning across the landscape of Kansas.

  3. Moonrise in Twilight

    On the eve of the Blood Moon, we witnessed the moon rising at sunset as we cruised at 39,000 feet.

  4. Lighting up the Night

    As we climb out of Austin and into the face of a soft dusty orange sunset trapped between layers of cloud, flashes of brilliant light draw our attention away from the horizon.

  5. Intersections

    In the silence of the skies, there is no sound ahead of us. Near us, we hear only the electronic whirring of the boxes and instruments that help us control and navigate our craft while the rumble of friction from our nose pushing through the atmosphere surrounds us.

  6. hangingattheairport:

    Love the office. LAX terminal.

    Do you love your office? Do what you love, love what you do. Let’s go fly.

  7. A Dreamlike Mist

    The earth is completely obscured by clouds all along our route westward. The only visual clues we have to help us identify the hidden landscape are the subtly changing textures of clouds as the heat radiates from each mountain, plain and canyon in distinctive patterns.

  8. Capillary Lines – Life in the Desert

    From our vantage point six miles above the Mojave Desert’s floor, we cannot detect any sign of life.


  9. Flying Without Parachute

    Flying Without Parachute

    As we fly from Denver to Grand Junction following the Colorado River and the Grand Army of the Republic Highway, we pass through the valley and over Parachute, Colorado and it is at this moment that my thoughts go off on a tangent… We all follow paths to our destinations. Some of those destinations are definite while others are expressions of serendipity. While we have different goals and terms…

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  10. Plunging into Darkness

    With the foment and tempests that broil in the moments between our nights and days, we make a choice…to face them in the light of day or to descend back into the blissful ignorance of darkness.

  11. Red Rocks and Sycamore

    Sycamore Canyon etches itself from the Coconino wilderness like a giant red runcible spoon dragged scraping tines across a sculpted playground of sandy clay.


  12. Albemarle: A Framed Snowy Memory

    Albemarle: A Framed Snowy Memory

    Albemarle: A Framed Snowy Memory

    Albemarle in a single frame – Though Spring rains bring blooms and new growth to the landscape of Central Virginia, the interminably slow dripping from that life-giving overcast can set a gloom over the winter-weary as they await its colorful effects…A stark contrast to the memories of winter when the frigid snow covered every outcropping and exposed surface on the landscape while holding Spring…

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  13. “The Glory of the Pilot”

    We see it all the time, but seldom perceive it fully. The rings of light appear in water vapor downsun (if it’s not a word, I am coining it now) from our position like rainbows in the mist.

  14. Ascent http://wp.me/s4jMBJ-ascent

    Following the peninsulas toward the brightly lit aerial horizon, one can feel as if they are ascending to the top of the world.

  15. Chocolate

    Chocolate in abstract…The Chocolate Mountains in Southern California line the desert east of the Salton Sea. To the naked eye they have a slightly brown hue like cappuccino and they are surrounded by sandy earth colored by ash and magma.