1. Cloud Surfing

    As the day fades away and evening thunderstorms continue to blow on the horizon, we are left with our imaginations to experience a little cloud surfing.

  2. Head-on Into Night

    Flying head-on into night, the last sliver of daylight illuminates the eastern sky as the terminator slips toward us from beyond.

  4. Skimming the Edge of Reality

    When we see things through a black and white lens, our perception of reality is skewed by the distance between the extremes…But when we perceive the broad spectrum of gray variations that truly define our world, we begin to understand the values of warmth and contrast.


  6. Seeing Fire and Rain

    Seeing Fire and Rain

    Oklahoma Storms and meteor

    Following the smoking trail of a meteor

    Oklahoma Storms

    Two thunderstorms light off

    Awaiting Orion’s appearance as we follow Taurus’ ascent, storms hover on the horizon covering Oklahoma’s landscape. First we see a meteor and its swirling smoke trail as it flames out near the horizon. The meteor is close enough and big enough that it appears as a burning smoking projectile rather than the sharp white line of…

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  7. Light on the Blue Ridge; Fog in the Valley

    As the sun peeks over the cloud covered horizon, the peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains are gradually illuminated while the Shenandoah Valley remains in their predawn shadows.

  8. Pilot Magic…Flying Through Ethereal Hoops

    In my previous post, I wrote about chasing sunset and the magical scene that the rays of light and persistent sundog created…This is the corollary to that scene…We are in it…We live here…We work here…We persevere here…We laugh here…We dream here.

  9. Suspended and timeless in a misty dream, we coast along in a thin veil of water vapor as we stare…

    Suspended and timeless in a misty dream, we coast along in a thin veil of water vapor as we stare at the frozen sun and wonder at the sundog that surrounds it.

  10. Wandering the Maze

    The Green River wanders the maze of the Canyonlands, the highlights of its brushed smooth banks revealing where the river crept out of its bed to peek at the path ahead.

  11. Rising from the Cascades

    As we work from the snow-covered peaks of mountains, downward into the steep ravines and narrow valleys, we wander through the jagged landscape toward the horizon where Mount Rainier emerges as if rising from a white-capped sea of stone.

  12. Olijeto Mesa – Red Earth Yielding to Black and White

    I’m going back and working through my aerial photographs looking for powerful black and white images. Capturing the aerial horizon and working backwards into the landscape of the American Southwest provides an opportunity to look closer at the tonal variations in the landscape.

  13. Wisps of Sand

    A scumble layer painted across the landscape of Idaho dulls the landscape and mutes the contrast between the burnt sienna of grasslands and the bright green shades of cultivated lands.

  14. Twisted Spires

    Storms develop over the Gulf of Mexico as they twist and turn in a rapid, graceful and violent thrust of vertical motion.

  15. Veiled Beauty

    Even in the darkest of storms there is beauty and light. Every storm grows vertically, becoming a threatening, life changing force of stratospheric proportions until it runs out of energy and, exhausted, bounces off the tropopause and falls back to earth in a fury only to begin the cycle again.