1. Into the Delta

    We follow the shipping traffic as it makes its slow journey from New Orleans down the Mississippi River into the Delta.

  2. The Magic Kingdom

    Descending out of the cold crisp air aloft and into the warm misty evening air of central Florida, the landscape and low clouds are illuminated in irregular patches of light as if by a great alabaster lamp…A mystical scene is created by the secondary glow of a sundog as its light is trapped in the humid air.

  3. Good Morning, Savannah

    Golden reflections from the Atlantic Ocean at sunrise flow into the rivers and creeks that ornament Georia’s coastline as if filigree work on the edge of a great shield.

  4. An Oasis of Rock

    Amid Montana’s umber Autumn scene, a rocky oasis of green and white emerges from the high plain and provides a striking contrast of topography…Much of the level(ish) terrain surrounding this oasis rests at over 5000 feet above sea level while many of the mountain tops are over 9000 feet.


  6. Echoing the Sun

    You might think you know what you are seeing, but I doubt many people have ever seen this…perhaps you have seen one…perhaps you have seen a pair…but this is something that I had never seen before this evening.

  7. Scattered Trails

    When the air that once buoyed us into the sky has sunken into the cold shadow of the approaching night, the breadcrumb trails of our memories scatter and diffuse.


  8. Blood Moon: Three Shots from the Troposphere

    Blood Moon and Eclipse 1

    Blood Moon and Eclipse 2

    The total lunar eclipse that results in a “Blood Moon” commences as we climb out on our westward journey…From our seats in the troposphere, we are able to watch the entire event as the the single sliver of light vanishes leaving the moon awash in an orange-red glow.

    Blood Moon and Eclipse 5

    As the shadow falls away with the sunrise, our attention shifts to watching the layers of purple and indigo light layer and divide…

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  9. Above and Below

    Turning toward the coastline of South Carolina as the sun sinks toward the horizon, a sunbeam illuminates the thin cloud deck while rays penetrate a hole in the deck and reflect back to us in golden tones on the surface of the Atlantic beneath.

  10. Flames on the Horizon

    The horizon is painted with a broad swath of flames as the lingering sun sets the atmosphere ablaze over Southwest Virginia and Tennessee. 


  11. BOO!

    Ominous Face in the Dark

    Lightning flashes over the ongoing midwestern candy corn harvest and the weather takes on the appearance of an ominous face…It’s early October, but I thought you might like to share this one before Halloween is upon us.

    ps. “You’ve been Boo’d”

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  12. "While You Slept…"

    While you slept in utter darkness…we descended through the sunrise and skimmed the tops of silver trimmed clouds, only to plunge beneath the cloud deck and await another dawn. This quiet contoured moment above the weather is frozen in my memory…We touch the clouds and are exhilarated as they scream past, giving us a tangible sensation of our speed before consuming us and casting us back into darkness.

  13. A Broken Calm

    As the sun descends below the horizon, the earth is left in darkness while we continue to experience the soft warm glow on the aerial horizon seven miles above Liberal, Kansas…A storm erupts with explosive energy shocking the silhouetted clouds with bright orange, yellow and white flashes of light that break the calm of the evening.

  14. Winding Through Heaven…Almost

    The Ohio River winds westward through West Virginia toward Huntington and collects the crimson glow of a cloud veiled sunset…As we momentarily divert our eyes from the bright red glow of the sun, we see the illusion of a second sun riding a spectral arc scribed on the veil.

  15. Light from Within

    Above the lights that light our small spaces and blank out the stars and indigo of the night sky, there are degrees of darkness…The space above and around us is dark, but there is a greater darkness that feels dense and undefined as it obscures our view with an absence of light…Then, suddenly, there is light from within.