1. Into the Face of the Storm

    As many of us enjoy the holiday and relax with our family and friends, there are many others among us who fly into the face of the storm each day…They labor and toil in their professions to ensure that the engine of our economy keeps running even when the nation takes a day off to go to the beach.

  3. The Epochal Stonecutter

    The landscaping of our planet happens in two ways…one way is additive while the other is subtractive…the additive process can be observed daily in the slow but constant violent molten churn of minor volcanoes along the Pacific Rim, but a more subtle and slow subtractive process is at work in the heart of North America.

  4. Tumult in the Troposphere

    Most of my time in the sky, of late, has been spent avoiding thunderstorms and high intensity precipitation…it’s still Summer, so this is the name of the game.

  5. Reflections of the Calm Before…

    Soft images of small billowy cumulous clouds reflect on the calm surface of the Atlantic Ocean as the sun gradually warms the ocean and the morning’s weather builds.

  6. Chasm in the Desert Plain

    Glen Canyon cuts a sprawling path through the high desert plain that spans southern Utah and Arizona.

  7. Cloud Surfing

    As the day fades away and evening thunderstorms continue to blow on the horizon, we are left with our imaginations to experience a little cloud surfing.

  8. Head-on Into Night

    Flying head-on into night, the last sliver of daylight illuminates the eastern sky as the terminator slips toward us from beyond.

  10. Skimming the Edge of Reality

    When we see things through a black and white lens, our perception of reality is skewed by the distance between the extremes…But when we perceive the broad spectrum of gray variations that truly define our world, we begin to understand the values of warmth and contrast.


  12. Seeing Fire and Rain

    Seeing Fire and Rain

    Oklahoma Storms and meteor

    Following the smoking trail of a meteor

    Oklahoma Storms

    Two thunderstorms light off

    Awaiting Orion’s appearance as we follow Taurus’ ascent, storms hover on the horizon covering Oklahoma’s landscape. First we see a meteor and its swirling smoke trail as it flames out near the horizon. The meteor is close enough and big enough that it appears as a burning smoking projectile rather than the sharp white line of…

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  13. Light on the Blue Ridge; Fog in the Valley

    As the sun peeks over the cloud covered horizon, the peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains are gradually illuminated while the Shenandoah Valley remains in their predawn shadows.

  14. Pilot Magic…Flying Through Ethereal Hoops

    In my previous post, I wrote about chasing sunset and the magical scene that the rays of light and persistent sundog created…This is the corollary to that scene…We are in it…We live here…We work here…We persevere here…We laugh here…We dream here.

  15. Suspended and timeless in a misty dream, we coast along in a thin veil of water vapor as we stare…

    Suspended and timeless in a misty dream, we coast along in a thin veil of water vapor as we stare at the frozen sun and wonder at the sundog that surrounds it.