1. Zen Gardening on a Grand Scale

    Following the many graceful lines of earth as they wave rhythmically across the desert landscape…The well raked lines created by glacial movements and erosion flow around islands of raised and recessed earth, following the contours of hills and sedimentary pools of colored sand.

  2. "Boundaries"

    As we pass overhead the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, we follow the Cottonwood Canyon southward toward Glen Canyon and the Grand Canyon at the horizon. Each canyon in its turn provides a boundary that limits or guides our perspective. To the observer on the ground, these great canyons are obstacles that must be circumnavigated. From our aerial perspective, while we may imagine the plight of the pioneer at meeting these obstacles, we see these canyons as something greater…they define boundaries of flowing pathways across the surface of the continent and act as guides to interpret the movement of water through the landscape created by flowing molten earth. Meandering through once mild ripples in the earth’s crust, the water’s movement grows more erratic and dramatic as it cuts deeper into the crust to reveal the soul of the landscape.

  3. Emerging into a Dream

    As we are bounced around in the shadowy and turbulent depths of a twilight storm, it seems that the day is done and our senses are resigned to the utter blackness of the storm.

  4. The Amorphous Maze

      Working our way down the East Coast in Summer, we feel more as though we are wandering a great labyrinth as walls of cloud present obstacles to be navigated.

  5. Sweeping Lines in the Mojave

    At the foot of Iron Mountain in the Mojave Desert, a thin reflective line winds down the gradually sloping terrain toward its source at the Colorado River.

  6. Below the Horizon

    You may occasionally see a post that doesn’t seem to fit the theme of The Aerial Horizon…Generally, these are the result of fat-fingering that I quickly attempt to remedy…

  7. A Moment of Awe

    As we rise above the blended scenery to see its many pieces laid out in front of us like a glorious disassembled puzzle, we share a moment of awe.


  9. When the aerial horizon comes down to meet the ground, it’s best to sit it out.


    Welcome Summer…waiting for the storm to clear. MIA.


  11. A Perfect Place to Land

    Turbulent skies above cloud covered mountains make us think of inhospitable terrain below…until the clouds part to reveal an idyllic pastoral scene.

  12. Following the Columbia

    As professional pilots, we are accustomed to working on holidays, birthdays and myriad other occasions. We may feel especially distant when we are in far off lands where our traditions aren’t recognized.

  13. hangingattheairport:

    Welcome Summer…waiting for the storm to clear. MIA.

  14. Anticipation

    Looking at Miami International Airport (where it is supposed to be) from our off shore vantage point, Admiral Boom’s words come loud and clear into my head…”A heavy bit of weather brewing there…” However, for us there is no admonition to steer clear of the weather.

  15. Balanced Features – Parashant

    Along the Colorado Plateau a wide variety of features distinguish the landscape. Virgin Mountain stands above the plateau holding the Pakoon Basin upon its rippled southeastern slope.